Department of Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering, School of Environment and Society, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) Global Engineering for Development, Environment and Society (GEDES)

About Us

Message from the Chair - Professor Kayoko Nohara

In the GEDES Graduate Major, we recognize the multidimensionality of the pressing issues our society is currently facing. Our graduate curriculum integrates the social sciences to the study of various fields of science
and engineering to pose questions and address issues related to the environment, digital technology, energy, policy-making, communication and communities. With our strong international network of faculty members,
industry partners, and research collaborators, we train our students to take more active and fundamental roles in becoming productive members of the society. GEDES is proud of its top-notch alumni, pursuing careers in a
wide range of fields such as management consultancy, manufacturing, IT and communications, infrastructure, media and design. Have a look at the GEDES Course pamphlet 2022.

Overview of the Graduate Major

The word “global” has various meanings such as “global vs. local” or “macro vs. micro.” In the Graduate Major in Global Engineering for Development, Environment and Society (GEDES), we clearly recognize the significance of these diversified points of view and consider the viewpoints of other academic fields in addition to engineering. We promote research and foster individuals who can articulate the impacts and roles of their researches in our society. The GEDES faculty comes from various fields such as urban meteorology, disaster prevention engineering, biological engineering, space engineering, environmental policies, international development, sociology and translation studies. They have come together for “creation and collaboration” to further education and research in fields that are constantly evolving.


Tokyo Tech is a top university for science and technology in Japan with a history spanning more than 140 years. Of the approximately 10,200 students at the Ookayama, Suzukakedai, and Tamachi campuses, half are in their bachelor’s degree program while the other half are in master’s or doctoral degree programs. International students’ number is 1,700, and there are 1,100 faculty members and 610 administrative and technical staff members.


The Department of Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering (TSE) is a fusion of a wide range of fields. Through transdisciplinary science and engineering, researchers go beyond the boundaries of academic fields to solve the complex problems facing global society. Students will acquire practical skills—not simply academic knowledge. Our goal is to train individuals to be global scientists and engineers who can, • contribute to the innovation of novel technology, values, and concepts needed by society • define and solve problems with creative thinking and project management skills • communicate and collaborate with experts in other fields under a global perspective • manage complex, large-scale projects and organizations.