Department of Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering, School of Environment and Society, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) Global Engineering for Development, Environment and Society (GEDES)

Faculty Members

Faculty Members (Major)

Naoya ABE (Professor) International development / Sustainability assessment / Applied economics / Environmental policy
Daisuke AKITA (Associate Professor) Aerospace systems / Planetary exploration system / Aerodynamics
Ryuichi EGASHIRA (Associate Professor) Separation and purification process / Solvent extraction / Adsorption / Phase equilibrium
Hiroaki HABAKI (Assistant Professor) Chemical engineering / Separation process
Shinya HANAOKA (Professor) Transport development studies / Air transport / Transport logistics / Transport infrastructure management
Pasomphone HEMTHAVY (Assistant Professor) Archaeological Prospection using ground-penetrating Radar
Atsushi INAGAKI (Assistant Professor) Urban meteorology / Environmental fluid mechanics
Rei ITSUKUSHIMA (Assistant Professor) Water hazard / Stream ecology / River topography / Watershed management
Manabu KANDA (Professor) Atmospheric environment / Urban climate / Fluid dynamics
Tsuyoshi KINOUCHI (Professor) Water resources management / Hydrologic analysis / Water quality modeling / Analysis of sediment transport
Mitsuhiko KOYAMA (Assistant Professor) Environmental bioengineering / Utilization of waste biomass
Yoichi MURAKAMI (Professor) CO2 Adsorbent Development / Materials Development for Batteries / Thermal Energy Harvesting & Storage /  Photon Upconversion
Takehiko MURAYAMA (Professor) Environmental policy & Planning / Risk management / Communication, Consensus building / Impact assessment
Kiyohiko NAKASAKI (Professor) Biochemical engineering / Environmental bioechnology
Takashi(恭志) NAKAMURA (Associate Professor) Water environment / Hydraulics / Computer fluid dynamics / Computational physics
Takashi(隆志) NAKAMURA (Associate Professor) Ecosystem modeling / Biogeochemistry / Coastal ecology
Shigeo NISHIKIZAWA (Associate Professor) Environmental policy / Environmental impact assessment / Public participation / Consensus building
Kayoko NOHARA (Professor) Translation studies ・Linguistics / Science communication /  Science & art
Yuriko SATO (Associate Professor) International student policy / Human mobility and circulation / Multicultural synergy / Social environment for foreigners
Hang SONG (Assistant Professor) Wireless sensing, Information and communication network, Microwave imaging, Biomedical engineering 
Kashin SUGISHITA (Assistant Professor) Transportation engineering / Network science
Kultip SUWANTEEP (Assistant Professor) Environmental and social impact assessment
Jun-ichi TAKADA (Professor) Telecommunication / Radio propagation measurement / Electromagnetic simulation / International development engineering
Hiroshi TAKAGI (Associate Professor) Coastal disaster mitigation / International development / Coastal and ocean engineering / Climate change impact
Fumitake TAKAHASHI (Associate Professor) Waste recycle / Waste management / Environmental risk / Human behaviors
Kunio TAKAHASHI (Professor) Mechanical engineering / Material science / Welding and joining / Tribology
Hiroki TAKASU(Associate Professor)

Energy chemistry / Energy converssion and storage / CO2 capture, Utilization and storage / Energy career 

Koji TOKIMATSU (Associate Professor) Energy technology assessment / Energy systems analysis / Lifecycle assessment / Environmental and resource economics
Kiyoshi TSUJI (Assistant Professor) Environmental science and technology / Laser spectroscopy
Alvin Christopher Galang VARQUEZ (Associate Professor) Global urban dlimatology / Urban-scale climate change / Numerical weather prediction / GIS-based dataset construction
Shinobu YAMAGUCHI (Professor) International development / ICT and education / World heritage conservation and regional development
Yukihiko YAMASHITA (Professor) Pattern recognition / Machine learning / Image processing and coding / Information system for international development
Xinru ZHU (Assistant Professor) Typeface studies / Communication / Semiotics / Library and information science

Faculty Members (Minor)

Jeffrey S. CROSS (Professor) Bio / Energy Policy / AI in Education / Waste Transformation
Shinjiro KANAE (Professor) Terrestrial hydrology / Water hazard / Climate change / Water resources
Kenji TAKESHITA (Professor) Nuclear fuel cycle engineering / Nuclear fuel reprocessing / Environmental process engineering / Separation engineering
Chihiro YOSHIMURA (Associate Professor) Aquatic ecosystem and management of water environment / Water quality monitoring and modeling / Water treatment technology / Green infrastructure

Specially Appointed / Visiting Faculties

Giorgio SALANI (Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, STADHI) 環境工学 / 工芸論 / サイエンス&アート
Sunkyung CHOI (Specially Appointed Lecturer) 空港運用・計画 / 観光計画 / 危機管理政策 / 観光客行動分析
Masakazu SASAKI (Specially Appointed Professor) Toyo Engineering Corporation
Keisuke MATSUKAWA (Specially Appointed Professor) Chiyoda Corporation
Midori AOYAGI (Visiting Professor) National Institute for Environmental Studies
Kazuhito ICHII (Visiting Professor) Chiba University

Tetsunori INOUE (Visiting Professor)

National Institute of Maritime, Port and Aviation Technology
Noki UMEMIYA (Visiting Professor) Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Triawan FARID (Visiting Assistant Professor) Sampoerna University, Indonesia
Kumiko NAKAMICHI (Visiting Assistant Professor) The Foundation for Promoting Personal Mobility and Ecological Transportation